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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Xenophobia: Dreaded South Africa taxi drivers union release shocking threat

There may be no end in sight to the wave of xenophobic attacks in South Africa, as the dreaded taxi owners/drivers union in an unconfirmed statement circulating on social media vow to kill every foreigner in sight starting Monday 9th September, 2019.

The statement reads:

As the taxi owners/drivers, we are sending out a notice that on the 9 of September 2019 from 8am we are going to kill every person from outside this country…KZN, Cape Town, Eastern Cape and all other provinces we’ll be walking, marching to the parliament.

The smell of blood and smoke of fire will fill the whole country.

The president of this country has failed, the minister of correctional services and public works has failed too in fixing the crime that is done by foreigners. Minister Motsoaledi too has failed and opened the gates.

Our Children are finished by drugs, the crime rate that’s increasing ín South Africa, the kidnapping of our children, prostitution, fake certificates, fake bank and credit cards, our children are dying, our youths are unemployed.

These people drive expensive cars, they have churches, businesses in every street of South Africa, they are crooks, everything is fake. South Africa smells like the churches that they have, they have everything that we as the citizens don’t.

How did they end up here, we demand answers. Because the leaders said we should go out there and make it easier and quicker for them, so we say indeed we are going out there to fix everything, this is our land.

Children are victims of nyaope, hoonga, they are dead already. All their churches should close down. If there are any people going to work, we will kill everything… Especially in airports and home affairs.

We’ll be busting bombs everywhere, South Africa will be soaked in blood. Smell of blood and smoke of fire, smokes of gunshots the whole country in KZN we’ll be closing everything.

We don’t want them here, they should go back to their homelands. We give them this week only.

We as the Zulus we are no cowards. If you are a foreigner situated in KZN, we as the taxi owners/drivers of our own communities, we say the gates that you used to enter here are wide open so you use them to go, leave before next week.

After this Sunday we’ll be taking the law on our hands as the Zulus. In Mpumalanga we’ll be destroying everything and anything.

In Joburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town we’ll kill all Nigerians, Ghana, Congolese, Tanzanian, Malawian, Zimbabwean, Mozambique, Chinese, Ethiopian, Pakistan, we say there’s no business that will continue until they all leave or we finish them.

The trucks will be burned, shops, saloons, internet cafe, sewing businesses, malls, we’ll burn them all. We don’t want foreigners here.

They should pack and leave, we’ll be fighting back the police too, we’ll kill them. They should prepare guns, we’ll prepare weapons all kinds.

We did it in 1976, we strived for this country, we’ll go measures for it. We’ll enter inside churches and and start firing guns, kill everything inside if they don’t stand with us, we’ll fight fire with fire. there’s no bus, train, taxi, plane, or workers that will be on duty.

If they don’t work with us, we are ready to fight. We not scared, we’ll destroy everything on the street, everyone who’s not against the foreigners shall die with them.

As the police release their gun fires, our team destroys with every dangerous available weapons and fire. Death is the main aim.

Blood must be shed, and smell in every corner. The country of our forefathers should be fixed. Blood must be shed in every street.

End of the statement.

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