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Why we may see more military coup d’etat in other nations in Africa

It is now the 8th coup d’etat in Francophone Africa, after the ouster of Ali Bongo of Gabon, central Africa, after he was declared winner for a 3rd term in office, which would have seen him to extend his family dynasty to over 6 decades.

Curiously, the common denominator in all these military take overs, is the street jubilation of the population to celebrate and welcome the military ‘saviours’.

The first clear signal was sent in Guinea, when Alpha Conde, changed constitution through a rigged referendum to buy himself a 3rd term before he was booted amidst wild jubilation, however, most failed to see it.

Why we may see more military coup d'etat in other nations in AfricaPolitical class in neighbouring nations did not take note, foreign powers who tend to position themselves as the custodians of democracy also failed to see that young Africans who with access to information on the worldwide web can no longer be lied to.

If democracy as defined when we were in school has not changed then before you criticise a nation for military coup ask yourself; why is it that in this past coups have been welcomed by the people with open arms, and are willing to lay their lives to protect it? As in the case in Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso and Guinea.

The reason is simple, government of the people by the people and for the people, has become government of the few by the few and for their friends(foreigners and locals).

To perpetuate this, country laws have been relegated to the background, changed and rewritten to serve them. Institutions like police, judiciary and the electoral body have been privatised to serve only their interest.

Complaints are treated with threat and disdain, it is either you fall in line or you will bear the consequences. The only voice that is respected is that of foreign powers. They do their biddings to secure their loot and leverage on their support to stay in power.

Recent elections in many African nations plus that of Gabon can only described as a sham; intimidation, ballot snatching, falsification of results all to achieve one purpose, installing an unpopular candidate in office.

To end military coup in Africa, all these has to stop!

Political coups through election rigging must stop, don’t deny the people their right to choose who governs them.

Laws of the country must be obeyed and corruption must stop!

People in government must use the wealth of Africans for the good of their countries not for luxurious lifestyles for themselves, their families and cronies.

Promote your country’s interest above colonial interest, serve your fellow citizens not European, Chinese, Russian or American interests.

Do these and your people will back you as against backing those behind the military take over of power, a stitch in time they say saves nine.

By: Oruruo Samuel Okechukwu

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