Why polygamy and multiple sex partners should be regulated

By Anayo M. Nwosu

Nearly about three decades ago, I was in a Medical Microbiology class waiting for the most charismatic of Microbiology Dept.’s lecturers then in the University of Nigeria Nsukka to come deliver his weekly lecture. 

The lecturer, Dr. Unaeze Nweze arrived and went straight to business. But this time, he chose to draw diagrams before introducing the lecture topic. When he was done with the drawings and labeling, he cleared his throat to speak but before then, many of my classmates, especially some of us that got corrupted quite early in life, went into a frenzy. 

My classmates didn’t know whether to shout or to laugh but other students in the adjoining classes, passers-by and those as far as Oba Akenzua Hall, could hear our loud and sustained noise. 

Dr. Unaeze Nweze had drawn a near perfect picture of the vagina, the female genital or private part, leaving nothing to be imagined to the embarrassment of some born again and female classmates. 

The lecture topic was Ecosystem of the Vagina or Viginal Microflora. 

When the childish noise died down, the ebullient lecturer told us that “inside a typical female genital live so many microorganisms that exist in a community or ecosystem, competing for nutrients found right inside their environment and that a change in the ionic (or pH) concentration in the vagina could cause the reduction of population or death of some normalcy maintaining microbes, making others to overgrow and cause diseases.”

Dr. Nweze also told us “that the use of certain antibiotics and even the monthly menstrual cycles or menopause could change the integrity of the ecosystem and then could promote some orgasms like Candida albicans to manifest a disease.”

The troubling issue here is that the vaginal flora or microbial constituents vary from one woman to another. Some women could house some disease causing organisms in their vagina even though they don’t manifest the diseases. This group are called “carriers”. 

One would then imagine how this plays out in a polygamous setting, where a man is married to many wives or where a man or woman has multiple sexual partners. 

Of course, there is a certainty that the genital constituent of one wife is different from that of another wife or other wives of the same man. 

So, if a man marries more than one wife, the man practically, on a regular basis, uses his spatula or penis to dip into the genitalia of one wife and then inoculates that of another wife or partner with strange or disease causing organisms hence infecting the clean or innocent wife. Even a treated woman could be reinfected. 

This is very possible because many polygamous men don’t use condoms on their wives especially those fair-minded husbands who feel like making as many wives as possible happy on the same day. 

Imagine a wife who used a dirty toilet facility outside her home and contracted an infectious urinary tract infection or an under-service wife who sought sexual help from an infected man outside. It is better left as imagination. 

Therefore, nobody is safe in a polygamous arrangement because a disease for one, will in no time, become a disease for all. 

It so much so because the husband of the women has one plug that he uses to enter into various sockets. This might compromise the sanctity or integrity of the sockets. 

On the other hand, a philandering husband could import a venereal disease and share it amongst his innocent wives. 

The suppressed truth is that polygamy, whether in a religious or cultural sense, was institutionalized to serve the needs of a man and his ego. 

It’s not all about women. 

It was religionized or inculturated at a time when women were like a play thing for men. They called men their lords. But not anymore with civilization. 

Times have changed and women like Blacks in today’s world have found their voices and should push for their human rights. 

In fairness, one would ask, “why should women stick one ‘rod or joystick’?” Especially, women who have can do what men do as per being breadwinners and wealthy. 

Polygamy must die the way POLYANDRY (where a woman officially marries more than one husband) died. It died because the amazons that practised it in time past were subdued by men. It is a power game and men won. 

In all religions that market heaven as a reward for a holy life on earth, polygamy confers no advantage to any soul. Therefore, polygamy is meant to satisfy men’s sexual urges and to help them is their economic predilections. The unexpressed truth is that polygamy also gives men the preferential variety while sentencing women to only one joystick. 

In my view, modern day polygamy should be seen a bad practice and be abolished by act of parliament. It is a creation of male chauvinism. 

Polygamy cannot be seen as different from prostitution and is a vector for spreading preventable diseases which has dispatched the practitioners to their early graves. 

It is not also different from certain acts of some individuals that have multiple sex partners. But, it is worst in that those in polygamy hardly use protection. 

Women groups and medical professionals should speak up and canvass for the abolishment of polygamy. 

If polygamy has to be practised, let there be a safe modus operandi and a law must demand that the evils of the practice should be advertised just as it is said that “Smoking is Dangerous to Your Health!”

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