Voting closed in Kenya, votes being counted

Uhuru Kenyatta voting
Kenya's president, Uhuru Kenyatta casting his vote today

You can watch the results in Kenya’s elections coming in on the electoral commission’s website.

And officials have already posted the results of the first 5,000 votes to be counted.

The election officials count the ballots at the polling station and are then supposed to transmit the results to the election centre in the capital, Nairobi.

They electoral commission has seven days to announce the final result.

Polling stations have officially closed in Kenya, though those in the queue at 14:00 GMT (5pm local time) are allowed to vote.

Woman gives birth at polling station

Meanwhile a woman gave birth to a baby girl while waiting to cast her vote at Konyao Secondary School in West Pokot, before being rushed to a nearby dispensary.

The woman Paulina Chemanang was helped to deliver the baby by other voters, it was reported that she returned to vote after giving birth to her baby.

“Having given birth at a polling station is a blessing to me and I thank God,”, she was quoted as saying by Kenya’s privately-owned Capital FM radio station.

Ms Chemanang named her baby Chepkura. “Kura” means ballot or vote in Swahili.

My best voting experience’

Voters have lauded the process with some describing it as their best voting experience ever. A BBC journalist was quoted as saying that, “I met voters here in the capital who told me that it was their “best voting experience”.

The electoral commission had put measures in place to allow for a smooth vote, they said.

The count has already started

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