UN assesses human rights situation of the elderly in Namibia

United Nations human rights expert Rosa Kornfeld-Matte is currently on an official visit to assess the human rights situation of older persons in Namibia.

A statement from the UN’s Information Centre in Windhoek on Monday said the expert’s visit started on March 2 and will end on March 13.

The visit is an important opportunity to identify both best practices and gaps in the implementation of existing laws related to the promotion and protection of the rights of the elderly, the statement said.

“I am particularly interested in learning more about Namibia’s extensive social protection system, including the universal non-contributory pension, which helped to significantly reduce poverty levels as well as the advanced technology introduced in the mid-1990s to manage the payment system,” Kornfeld-Matte said.

The expert will present her findings and recommendations of her visit to Namibia in a report to the UN Human Rights Council in September 2017.

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