Uganda’s Archbishop boycotts Anglican church leaders’ meeting over gay row

According to a report from BBC live, one of the leading conservative figures in the worldwide Anglican communion has said he will not attend the next gathering of its leaders in England in October because he does not agree with those who have begun to accept same-sex marriage.

The Archbishop of Uganda Stanley Ntagali said that he was not prepared to have Christian fellowship with those who took what he described as an unbiblical view of marriage.

He said he said taken the decision after consulting with other senior clergy in Uganda, and that their view was unanimous.

During the last meeting of global church leaders in January 2016 the Most Reverend Stanley Ntagali chose to leave early and threatened not to return until, in his words, “godly order” had been restored.

Since then, the Scottish and Canadian Episcopal Churches have elected to support same sex marriage.

He made his latest comments yesterday, after visiting two refugee camps in northern Uganda with the global head of the Anglican church, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Same sex marriage have become a major threat to the unity Anglican churches worldwide with the African body.

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