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Turkish immigration officials wrap a Cameroonian in bubble wrap to be deported

A Cameroonian businessman Emmanuel Chedjou, 47 was carried onto a Turkish Airlines plane wrapped in bubble wrap to be deported from Turkey, for allegedly having a fake visa.

Emmanuel Fosso Someon Chedjou, a shoe seller from Cameroon’s commercial capital Douala, was shown in a video screaming for help as fellow passengers struggled to take off the layers of plastic wrapping and the plastic straps restraining his wrists and ankles.

He also had his wrists cuffed in cellotape and tissue stuffed in his mouth to keep him quiet.

Mr Chedjou was detained in Istanbul on his way to Dubai with his partner in January, he said he was on a business trip and left Istanbul Airport to get some air during an eight-hour layover.

Passport control said that his transit visa was faked and placed him in custody. Mr Chedjou, who denies having any fake documents, said that he was kept in custody for several days before being put on a Turkish Airlines flight TK667 back to Cameroon.

When he protested that he wanted to continue his journey to Dubai and refused to board a flight to Cameroon they wrapped him in plastic.

He said: ‘They took the rolls of plastic film used to pack the suitcases. They put me in a special room.

‘There were a dozen officers and they joined forces to control me. They first put plastic straps on my feet and wrists, then real metal handcuffs.

‘Then they filled my mouth with tissues and closed it with tape.

‘Finally, they took two large rolls of plastic film, which are used in airports to pack suitcases. They put layers on me and layers from neck to toe, so it was absolutely impossible to move.

‘At that time, I really started to have trouble breathing.

‘Three of them put me in a wheelchair and took me on a plane that was leaving for Yaoundé. Inside they carried me like a package to my seat.

‘When the passengers were all seated and there were about 15 minutes before takeoff, I managed to spit out the tissues that were stuck in my mouth and I could cry out for help.

‘The passengers reacted immediately when they saw me and protested that I be released from all this plastic. My partner was on the plane she saw me so and took two videos to keep evidence.’

He also claims 2,400 euros in cash was taken from him.

He said: ‘My clothes were torn when I was fighting with the police and I asked to collect my hand luggage to change my clothes. In the pocket of my ripped jeans, which I had left on my seat, there was 2,400 euros (£1,860) in cash that I had taken to trade in Dubai.

‘When the officer returned the pants to me, the pockets were empty. He said to me, “You’re already lucky, we’re going to kill you.”‘

Two clips shared on Twitter have been viewed 60,000 and 45,000 times respectively.

“They want to kill me,” he is heard saying in the video in a state of panic. “They carried me like a package to put me on the plane … I was barely breathing,” he told newsmen in a phone interview.

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