Tunisia Minister calls for int’l cooperation to tackle illegal immigration

Youssef Chahed
Tunisian PM Youssef Chahed (R) addresses the second meeting of Mediterranean Countries Contact Group on immigration in Tunis

Enhanced international cooperation is needed to adopt a collective approach to fight illegal immigration, Tunisian Interior Minister Hedi Majdoub said Monday.

“No country in the world can confront by itself the phenomenon of the illegal immigration and its adverse impacts,” Majdoub said in a speech at the second meeting of Mediterranean Countries Contact Group over immigration.

European countries are obliged to participate actively in the fight against illegal immigration by creating action plans and projects for socio-economic integration of immigrants, he added.

Tunisian Prime Minister Youssef Chahed noted that illegal immigration is closely linked to the expansion of terrorism, religious extremism and organized crime.

He added that Tunisia is developing a national strategy to encourage legal immigration by Tunisians.

Chahed also called on the Tunisian expatriates communities abroad to contribute more to investment in and development of their motherland.

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