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Trailing 5-1 female players attack referee for denying them a penalty

A video footage making round on twitter has shown a brazen attack on an official refereeing a women’s football game in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The referee drew the ire of the female players on DC Motema Pembe after they were reportedly denied a penalty in a game against TP Mazembe female counterpart after going by five goals to one.

In the video a number of the women are seen chasing the man, who appears to be heading toward a tunnel to escape the assault.

Trailing 5-1 female players attack referee for denying them a penaltyThe players take swings at the referee when they get close enough, and at one point an unknown male suspected to be an official of the team is seen charging toward him. He too takes a swing but does not appear to land his blow.

The referee continues to run and is eventually corralled by a covering, where the female players and the other male begin beating him while others appear to be trying to stop the fracas. A man eventually pulls the official free and he manages to escape into the tunnel. Some of the players were seen following him.

People in the stands can be heard in the footage laughing as the referee is set upon by the mob.

DC Motema Pembe was losing 5-1 when the team was denied a penalty against TP Mazembe Women in Lubumbashi, the Congo Football Association suspended some of the players involved and has launched an investigation into the incident.

Commentators on social media were very vocal in condemning the incident with good number suggesting that the team should be banned from any future participation.

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