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Friday, March 1, 2024
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US judge denies Hushpuppi bail, his rent costs $10k monthly

Embattled Nigerian Instagram celebrity, Ramon Abbas, known as ‘hushpuppi’ and ‘The Billionaire Gucci Master’ has been denied bail by a Federal Migrate Court in...

Police arrests man alleged to have sexually abused hundreds of women

Egyptian man who allegedly sexually abused hundreds of women and girls has been arrested by the police, following national/global outrage online, a security source...

Popular Nigerian Twitter influencer and UK based doctor accused of rape

An online celebrity Nigerian medical doctor based in United Kingdom, Dr Funmilayo Ogunsanya is in danger of loosing his medical license after being accused...

Dambe Photo Walk – by Michaela Moye

There is really no way to prepare for the noise from the arena’s various music spots. Several speakers are mounted. Two distinct sets of...

Why every African woman 18+ should take folic acid daily

By Lydia OkolieIf you're capable of reproducing, I am talking to you—even if you're not planning to get pregnant. If you ever wish to...

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