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Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Business & Finance

Laid-off Twitter Africa team say they were ‘ghosted’ without severance

According a story on CNN, Twitter Africa former employees who were laid off as part of a global cost-cutting measure after Elon Musk’s acquisition...

Kenya signs tariff-free trade deal with European Union to preserve exports

Kenya on Monday signed an Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union that will guarantee duty-free access for its farm produce into its biggest...

Air Peace Nigeria to start nonstop flights to Israel in April

Israel's transport minister on Sunday approved an aviation deal with Nigeria that will allow non-stop flights between the countries to begin next month for...

Kenyan judge temporarily blocks layoff of Facebook moderators

A Kenyan judge on Tuesday temporarily blocked the mass redundancy of some 260 Facebook content moderators working for an outsourcing company contracted by the...

Congo DR reviews deal with China demands $17B extra in infrastructure investments

Congo's state auditor has demanded an additional $17 billion of investments from a 2008 infrastructure-for-minerals deal with Chinese investors that is currently being renegotiated,...

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