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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Rights & Advocacy

Urgent Action Fund-Africa redefines women rights defenders through rapid response grant making

Urgent Action Fund-Africa's grant making model enables women’s human rights defenders and organisations to act quickly, take advantage of unexpected opportunities, mitigate threats, and prevent backsliding in their ongoing work to advance women’s human rights. The organisation is rapidly...

Uncovered: Africa’s Largest Refugee Camps

Sub-saharan Africa hosts more than 26% of the world’s refugee population in some of the largest camps in the world. Many have developed over decades in response to repeated waves of famine and civil unrest that have forced millions to flee...
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Latest News

Pirates attack Turkish ship off W. Africa; kill 1, kidnap 15

Pirates attacked a Turkish cargo ship off the West African coast, kidnapping 15 sailors and killing one of them,...
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