The rise of mommy and me fashion

The rise of mommy and me fashion

African children are very fond of their mothers, generally, we exude with love and appreciation for our mothers and the mother figures in our lives.

We would have also noticed within the African communities abroad and at home,  a growing trend of Mommy & Me fashion a trend of mothers and their young offspring dressed in similar attire or similar patterns.

Mommy and me fashionCoordinating outfits for the family isn’t exactly a new concept in African fashion.  Called aso ebi by the Yorubas of Nigeria, it refers to matching  patterns and fabrics worn by family members to special occasions like weddings, parties, or funerals.

Despite modernization of Africa and the increase of Africans living in the Diaspora, this cultural tradition of aso ebi  remains strong and thriving.

Coordinating African-themed outfits are no longer limited to just special occasions anymore, neither are they confined to strictly traditional African wear. It has taken on a very Afro-politan (afro-cosmopolitan) flavour, blending the traditional with the modern.

Mommy & Me fashion is such a beautiful public display of the mutual love between mother and child, showcasing family solidarity and unity.

Sometimes, the daddies  join in on the scene too.


Written by Paige Hamilton

Paige  Hamilton spent her early life in Nigeria before returning to settle in the UK.  She is a writer and editor at her blog ChicWithKinks.Com and also owner of her natural hair & beauty product line, TLC Naturals found at TLCNaturalsOnline.Com, which specializes in quick acting hair growth products

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