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Friday, March 1, 2024
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Khalifa Haftar

Son of Libya’s Khalifa Haftar, said he is open to presidential bid

The eldest son of eastern Libyan strong man Khalifa Haftar said on Monday he was open to a presidential bid, but cautioned that nationwide...

Khalifa Haftar Libya’s eastern leader, announces ‘final chance’ for elections

The Libyan National Army of eastern commander Khalifa Haftar on Saturday announced "a final opportunity" to draw up a road map for elections, Libyan...

Rival Libya military leaders meet in Tripoli

Senior military figures from Libya's rival eastern and western power bases have held an unprecedented meeting in the capital Tripoli, calling Tuesday for a...

Libya parliament approves new government as crisis escalates

Libya's parliament approved a new government on Tuesday despite the incumbent administration vowing not to cede power, pushing a fragile peace process to the...

Libyan parliament says no elections this year, moves to choose new PM

Libya's eastern-based parliament said on Monday there would be no elections this year and it would choose a new interim prime minister on Thursday,...

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