Sudan summon US envoy over new draft proposal for UN sanction

Sudan’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday summoned the U.S. charge d’affairs in Khartoum in the wake of a draft resolution presented by Washington to UN Security Council to restrict Sudan’s gold exports.

“Sudan’s Foreign Ministry Under-Secretary Abdul-Ghani Al-Naeem told the U.S. charge d’affairs that the draft resolution contradicts the general spirit of bilateral relations, particularly in light of the recent meetings for officials in the two countries,” the ministry said in a statement Wednesday.

The ministry expressed Sudan’s resentment over the U.S. targeting of Sudan’s gold resource, saying that the American sanctions in fact target the Sudanese citizens’ basic rights in obtaining medicines, spare parts and different inputs.

The UN is expected to discuss in its session on Wednesday the draft resolution to renew mandate of a UN panel of experts concerned with monitoring sanctions imposed on Sudan.



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