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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Sudan military plane crashes in Omdurman near capital Khartoum

There are reports from Sudan that a fighter plane belonging to the military has crashed in Omdurman close to the capital, Khartoum.

It’s not clear if it was shot down or experienced a technical failure.

Videos on social media show the aircraft on fire before it plunges to the ground.

More video images also show two pilots descending by parachute.

In another video, a wounded man dressed in army uniform and looking dazed is seated in the back of a car, apparently held captive by men with guns who are celebrating.

And residents in the area have reported intense fighting.

This happened on the second day of a ceasefire that has reduced, but not ended the clashes.

The truce is aimed at facilitating the delivery of badly needed aid but there’s been little sign of it so far.

Humanitarian workers have been waiting for security permits and guarantees.

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