Stepfather on the run as police found 4 kids hanged at home

Stepfather on the run as police found 4 kids hanged at home

Police in Durban South Africa found three children aged, four, six and ten with a teenage girl all hanged allegedly by their stepfather, who authority says is on the run.

A newspaper columnist described it as ‘a crime that defies belief and decency’.

Police spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbele confirmed the incident late on Tuesday night, adding that police were on a manhunt for the man.

She said the bodies of three children, aged four, six and 10, were found hanging in their home on Tuesday around 14:30.

“The children were fetched by the father at school during the day. The 16-year-old girl was also last seen with her father after fetching her from school in Durban.”

Mbele said a search was conducted and her body was found late on Tuesday hanging in bushes in New Germany.

“Police are still searching for the suspect. A murder case has been opened in Pinetown.”

There has been a spate of violence perpetrated against women in recent weeks, with government officials claiming more than 20 women were killed in August.

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