South Africa’s EFF calls Africa to ‘join in the wave of economic freedom of our lifetime’

Economic Freedom Fighters leader, Julius Malema

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has called on Africa to “join in the wave of economic freedom”, saying that the land and mineral resources on the African continent should be “redirected to benefit African people and their economies”.

The EFF said this in a statement on Tuesday while congratulating the west African country of Ghana on its 61st independence anniversary.

“We call on the land and mineral resources of the continent to be redirected to benefit African people and their economies. We call on financial institutions like banks to be nationalised and forced to invest in the economic activities of native peoples of the continent,” the EFF said.

This came just a few days after its leader Julius Malema encouraged South Africans to study farming saying that “the land is coming”.

“We are not going to disrupt farming. We are going to inherit farming and continue to farm. We want agricultural colleges open. Because the land is coming and it is going to need educated farmers,” he said as his supporters cheered at the Standard Bank arena in Johannesburg where the party launched its voter registration campaign on Sunday.

Malema said when laws were passed and land was taken under apartheid, investors never left the country.

“Now we say let’s take from white people and not give to blacks [alone] but to both black and white, they say people are going to leave the country – because black people don’t deserve the land. Black people don’t deserve to own property. Any ownership of property by black people is a threat to whiteness… ,” said Malema.

The EFF said that the majority of the people in Africa remained in underdevelopment, poverty, and hunger.

“These challenges must be confronted through an uncompromising programme of economic freedom in our lifetime to complete the genuine decolonisation that was initiated by Ghanaians 61 years ago,” said the EFF.

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