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Monday, February 6, 2023

South African MP docked in court for stabbing his wife to death

A servicing member of South African Parliament from the ruling ANC, Sibusiso Kula has appeared in court on Monday, 23rd January, 2023 for the alleged murder of his 31-year-old wife, Jennifer Motlomi-Kula last year.

The 34-year-old man who was only arrested in Klerksdorp last Friday, 20th of January, nearly two month after brutally stabbing his wife of 11 years and mother of their 3 little children including a 20 month old toddler to death in their home in Kanana, North West.

MP Sibusiso Kula, tried to cover up his crime by lying to the police about the incident.

He appeared in the Orkney Magistrate’s Court, facing a charge of premeditated murder.

Testifying at the trial, the deceased elder sister Mohlomi, described in graphic terms the level of abuses suffered by the deceased in the hand of the accused in their 11 years marriage. In her words;

“He was a pit bull biting his wife and children. He doesn’t love peace. He is very arrogant.”

“We are still in pain. Her death has brought us more pain. She had been through a lot. She was abused throughout her marriage. They had three children, aged 9, 11 and 20 months.

“Kula’s appearance in court hurt us more.

South African MP docked in court for stabbing his wife to death“When I saw him entering the court, I wanted to attack him. He had prevented my sister’s two minor children from attending school. The three children are traumatised. They want their mother.”

Mohlomi said the couple’s children regularly complained about how their father assaulted their mother.

She said:

Their father used to beat their mother in their presence. He consumed liquor in their presence. He was always drunk. Jennifer had never enjoyed a single day of their 11-year marriage. Her marriage was a disaster from the beginning until her death. She would flee to us. Kula would follow her, begging her to return home.

Mohlomi said that, before her death, Jennifer had obtained a court order against her husband, but he violated it.

“Their children were traumatised by witnessing how he beat up their mother.

“Their marriage was a mess. He was a pit bull biting his wife and children. He doesn’t love peace. He is very arrogant. Kula abused them all. He didn’t choose whether his kids were minors or not. Kula used to beat her until she bled. She was carrying scars on her body from the constant assault,” Mohlomi said.

Protection orders

“Jennifer had obtained many protection orders against him. Due to his stature in the country, he easily violated those protection orders. He has money and power and used both to overpower my sister.

“Every six months, Jennifer would obtain a new court order against him. I want the police to trace what happened to those court orders.

“He was never arrested for assaulting her. Our only hope is in the court’s hands.

“We are happy that he will spend days in prison before his bail is heard. We wish the court to deny him bail because of his minor children. If he is released, his three children will never have a bright future. Although her death pained us, it didn’t shock us,” Mohlomi added.

Meanwhile, the convener of African National Congress Women League, ANCWL in North West, Bitsa Lenkopane, said Jennifer’s death was concerning.

She said they had learnt with shock that the person arrested for the murder was someone close to her.

“Those who claim and masquerade to love us are killing us. The ANC resolution against GBV has inspired us. We can’t have an accused MP, and we keep quiet as if we are not the ANC that is not part of the masses.

South African MP docked in court for stabbing his wife to death
Jennifer Motlomi-Kula cut in her prime by husband Sibusiso Kule

“Masses are crying. I am already worried because we met the victim’s family and learnt with shock that the family hadn’t received the services they deserved. When a mother is killed today, psychosocial services must be at the doorstep of that family. We mustn’t sleep on duty. We are tired. President Cyril Ramaphosa has declared GBV a pandemic. We are going to follow this case.

“One of the reasons cases are lost is when the State can’t make tangible beyond reasonable doubt that indeed the incident happened. That is because of poor workmanship. No one is talking about the rights of the victim’s children. No one is coming out clearly, saying what the children are saying.

“The ANC has policies that ensure the children are safe. Her children haven’t been to school since schools opened last week. We support the State. We are glad that he is charged with a Schedule 6 offence.

“We can’t be killed like animals. We hope the law will take its course. We will not put the court under pressure. We respect it. Enough hasn’t been done. This is a true reflection of the government that doesn’t give services. It is unfair because the ANC has made it clear that those rights belong to the victim’s children,” said Lenkopane.

Step aside

“The ANC became clear on the step-aside resolution. We want to know who killed Jennifer. We will go to our organisation (over the step aside). We understand how to deal with issues internally through the organisation’s structures. The ANC knows we are its integral part and knows what to do. Step aside will be there, today we want to know who killed her and where her children are.”

Lenkopane, Minister of Women, Youth and People with Disabilities Maite Nkoana-Mashabane and MECs from North West were joined by their party members inside the Orkney Magistrate’s Court.

Outside the court, both ANC and EFF members chanted slogans to demand that the court not grant bail to Kula.

Kula is expected back in court on 27 January.

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