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Monday, April 6, 2020

Somali prime minster calls for vigilance after terror attacks

Somali Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke on Friday called on Somalis to remain vigilant after at least 20 people were killed and 25 others injured at a beach restaurant in Mogadishu on Thursday.

Sharmarke reiterated that his government will not be deterred neither swayed by this in their fight to eliminate and eradicate the remnants of the terrorist group.

“It is apparently clear that these barbaric attacks carried out by the terrorist Al-Shabaab is against the socio-development and Somalia to exist as a nation,” the PM said in a statement released in Mogadishu.

“But let it remain clear that it will not hamper the commitment of my Government and that of our people to resurrect Somalia with the help of Allah SWT,” he added.

A car packed with explosives rammed into Lido beach restaurant in Mogadishu on Thursday evening, after which several Al-Shabaab fighters opened fire at the hotel, killing at least 20 people and 25 others injured. Four attackers were killed.

Sharmarke said such attacks on densely populated civilian areas demonstrates the terrorist group is on the verge of annihilation thus embarking on desperate attacks to cause mayhem and confusion.

“With deep sadness and profound humility I sent my condolences and that of my government to the Somali people in general and in particular to the families who lost loved and dear ones,” Sharmarke said and hoped for the quick recovery of those injured.



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