Six confirmed dead after flash flood at Kenyan Hell’s Gate

Six confirmed dead after flash flood at Kenyan Hell's Gate

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) says 6 bodies have been recovered from Hell’s Gate National Park in Kenya, after flash floods swept away a tour group, one person is still remains unaccounted for.

The group included five Kenyan tourists, a local guide and a non-resident whose nationality was not disclosed. KWS said the gorge in the park was closed to the public on Sunday after the incident.

Two survivors from the group alerted park rangers, who sent out a search party, AFP news agency reported.

The park is famous for its steam plumes from geothermal activity under its ground, and in areas adjacent to it, the steam is harnessed to generate electricity. Established in 1984, the park is home to three geothermal stations.

Gorges in the park are prone to flash floods and have in the past killed visitors. In 2012, floods killed seven who were part of a church group on a trek.

Hell’s Gate is around 100km northwest of the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, and just south of Lake Naivasha.

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