Real reason behind brutal murder of Chris Attoh’s wife

By Na-Allah Mohammed Zagga 

Married to an actor and a drug baron at the same time, and then the drug lord decided to brutally end your life. That was the fate of beautiful Jennifer Bettie, the wife of Ghanaian actor Chris Attoh.

She was trailed and killed by two assailants in the United States on Friday, while she was leaving her office in Maryland, according to Greenbelt police.

These emerging details are disturbing and embarrassing. You are mourning the brutal murder of your wife only to learn that she was married to a drug lord while still legally married to you. Nothing can be more incredibly devastating for a man caught up in this tragic turn of events. 

According to reports, when the drug baron Kendrick, currently in jail, learnt that his wife Jennifer Bettie was at the same time married to the Ghanaian actor and TV host, he started threatening the two of them.

Alarmed, Chris Attoh deleted all his pictures with Jennifer that he posted on the social networks few days to her brutal murder. Deleting her pictures didn’t however change the unfolding tragedy. 

The brutal death of Jennifer Attoh once again highlights the risks some women take by getting involved with so-called “successful” criminals. Marrying a criminal is inherently risky. Killing means nothing to the criminal. Marrying another man while you are still married to a drug lord is imaginably the biggest risk a woman can take. 

Her marriage to a drug dealer was a mistake from the beginning. Love is usually driven by emotion rather than reason and, as a result, men and women make stupid decisions or choices that ultimately harm them. 

Did Attoh know she was married to the drug baron? Why did she keep both of them in the dark? Did she have any idea that she was married to a drug lord? Why did she agree to marry Attoh while still married to the drug lord? There are more questions than answers so far and many more questions will arise in the light of Jennifer’s brutal murder.

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