Raila Odinga finally pulls out of Kenya election re-run

Supporters of Kenya's main position candidate Raila Odinga

Kenya’s opposition leader Raila Odinga has finally pulled out of the 26 October presidential election re-run, confirming what many observers expected following his total absent from campaign trail.

While the incumbent and winner of last election annulled by the supreme court had been busy every other day campaigning for votes, same cannot be said of the opposition leader whose camp has been hit with withdrawals of key allies.

Mr Odinga claims his withdrawal from the race will give the electoral commission enough time to undertake reforms that will help deliver a more credible election.

Meanwhile the ruling Jubilee party has submitted a bill in the parliament that says if a candidate boycotts an election, the remaining candidate automatically wins.

Speaking to observers in Kenya by phone, they described the NASA candidate’s withdrawal as predictable, they said that he faced a much bigger defeat in the re-run, one of them said that he would have lost the re-run by as much as 4 million vote a huge difference from the 1.6 million margin in the cancelled election.

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