Nigerian parents cry out over illegal fees in Unity school

The Parents of Federal government college Okigwe, Imo State, Nigeria are calling on government, ministry of education and other relevant government agencies like the EFCC and the Nigeria Police to come to their rescue and look into the management of the school.

The parents are asking if the Federal government college Okigwe is a PTA college or a Federal government college?

The management and the PTA executives in the end of term news letter to the parents,informed them that they have 128 teaching and non teaching PTA staff working in the school.

In the same news letter parents were asked to pay 5,800 naira for the purchase of a new generator for the school.

The management in its bid to compel parents to pay the said money,refused to check into the hostels or feed students that have paid their school fees. Which included their boarding fee, which is meant to take care of their accommodation and feeding.

The efforts of parents to provide quality education for their wards are being frustrated,as hungry pupils cannot study.

We want to draw the attention of the government to the numerous levies parents are made to pay almost every term in the college on the premise that they were approved by FG. The levies includes and not limited to;

Diesel subsidy
Food subsidy 
3,000 for website
House dues 
11,900 for dormitory locker,
16,000 for bed and classroom chair,
Principal send fort,
Staff send fort, etc.

Parents are also made to pay for projects that was in the approved budget of the Federal government for the college, like water reticulation etc. Parents are also compelled to buy items like ;

A litre of Izal
A litre of Dettol 
GBC air freshener 500ml 
Harpic 450ml
Scrubbing brush

The students defecate in the bushes and bath outside because the toilets were never cleaned except on Saturday morning by the students for inspection. Parents also buy machete, hoe and then herbicides for the grass. They also buy broom, rim of paper, long broom etc.

Parents also pay 1,700 levy that has no explanation. All these levies and dues are never receipted by the management of the college. Another 5,000 termly PTA levy is also collected from parents.

The parents are asking to know ;

  • Who are these 128 PTA staff and their work?
  • What happened to the money budgeted by the Federal government for projects paid for by the parents like the water reticulation?
  • What is happening to these items, that parents are compelled to buy every term but were never used to clean the environment for the students?

We hope the Federal government will come to our rescue, and cause the Federal ministry of education to look into the management of the school, and for investigation into the numerous levies paid by the parents of the students of the Federal government college Okigwe.

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