Nigerian man behind bars for having sex with his 3 daughters

A man in Uyo Akwa Ibom State South-south Nigeria is currently behind bars awaiting his date in court, for having sex with his three biological daughters.

The public prosecutor, Joseph Umoren said the incest occurred recently in Uyo Akwa Ibom State South-south Nigeria.

According to the lawyer, the man whose identity he refrained from revealing was reported by another girl who refused to participate in the incestuous practice.

This is not the first case of incest in Nigeria. Last July, a woman in the state unable to get pregnant from her husband, became pregnant after sex with her son born to her first husband who died in an accident.

But most cases are not report, due to shame and fear of retribution. During a workshop on sensitization against gender-based violence, Judge Joseph Umoren urged his compatriots to break the silence when they are victims of this practice punishable under the Nigerian Penal Code.

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