Niger Delta Avengers blow up NNPC run crude and gas pipeline

The new militant group in Nigeria’s oil region, the Niger Delta Avengers said on Friday that, they had blown up a large gas and crude pipeline operated by the state-run Nigerian National Petroleum Company near the town of Warri and protected by soldiers.

“At 11:45pm on Thursday @NDAvengers blew up other #NNPC Gas and Crude trunkline close to Warri,” the group said on its Twitter feed.

In follow up tweets the group descibed the Niger Delta stakeholder’s meeting as an insult to the people of Niger Delta. Insisting that what they need is a Sovereign State not pipeline Contracts.

In what sounds like a chilling warning the group said ‘to the IOC’s, Indigenous Oil Companies and Nigeria Military. Watch out something big is about to happen and it will shock the whole world’.

Furthermore, the group said that The Niger Delta Avengers high Command has rewarded some brave and courageous Soldiers of Avengers, who according to the tweets have been promoted to the rank of a Brigadier general.

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