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My wife must go, this marriage is over!

By Anayo M. Nwosu

Pastor Rufus would not take anymore advice from anybody. If he could look the regional pastor in the face and say “no”, who again wouldn’t he say “no” to. His heart was bleeding just as his burning anger could melt an iron. Why not?

How could he have fallen “mugu” for this woman? If only he had listened to his carnal inner man that kept telling him to “taste before you buy”. He didn’t want to displease God, so he waited. He had pledged not to have sex again before marriage. This decision was inspired by fear and spirituality in equal measure.

Fear because, he became born again following his receipt of an answered prayer in the time of trouble. 

A UNILAG(University of Lagos) girl he picked on St. Finbarr’s road one cold harmattan night had fainted while performing the act for which he had picked her. A girl he never knew. He went into a prayer frenzy asking God of Lazarus to become his God. The girl sneezed after 30mins and got up. She had an orgasm-induced seizure. She was asthmatic.

The next morning being Sunday, Rufus was the first person to enter the nearby Bible Believing Church. He also answered an alter call. He gave his life to Christ immediately but refused to narrate his testimony to avoid being stigmatized. 

Even as Bro. Rufus was falling under anointing, he couldn’t remove his gaze on Sister Immaculata. The holy dress so typical of the church’s female members didn’t hide her curves and endowments. Which clothing can effectively hide rounded and sumptuous breasts? But, Rufus remained soaked in the spirit. 

Sister Immaculata was the head of Children’s ministry in the very parish Rufus attended. The attraction was mutual and so visible for some former worldly elders to suspect until Bro. Rufus made his intention known to the marriage committee of the church charged with the responsibility of managing young brethren who wanted to marry themselves till marriage was achieved. 

Rufus, who was ordained a pastor three weeks before his wedding, was at the doorsteps of his Regional Pastor at Agege. Nobody answered his initial knock on the door but he decided to wait as he realized that it was about 5am in the morning. 

The regional pastor welcomed his visitor heartily but was apprehensive as Pastor Rufus appeared murderous. 

“Pastor, the marriage is over! She lied to me. She said she was a virgin only for me to realize last night that not only that gate had no seal but it was so wide open. I can’t take it! I was duped”, he said as he stormed out of his host’s house. Regional Pastor Thomas could not believe his ears. The ears of the righteous had just heard an iniquity. 

All efforts to make Rufus return and hearken to counsel failed. That he parked out and left Lagos didn’t stop the elders to summon Sr. Immaculata to state her on side of the story.

She admitted that she told Rufus that she was a virgin. Why won’t she? 

She told the elders that she had never slept with any man since she became born again and that “when a person becomes born again, old things shall pass away and all shall become new and that there is no condemnation for a believer in Christ”.

Nobody could disagree with Sister Immaculata as her claim was scriptural but Pastor Rufus has moved on.

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