Mauritius police on high alert after Islamic State threat

Police in Mauritius was on high alert Friday after the government of the small island received threat from an alleged Mauritian who had flew to Syria to join IS.

The Counter Terrorism Unit in Mauritius had been made aware of an email received by the Prime Minister’s office in Mauritius whereas it was stated that terrorist attacks are to be perpetrated on Friday in key parts of Mauritius, mainly in the capital city Port-Louis.

The author, Ismael Soondrum, is a Mauritian who went to the United Kingdom years back and according to reports may have joined IS. In a short video some months backs, Soondrum had sent a message to other Mauritians, mainly of Muslim faith to join IS.

The Mauritian press had widely covered the contents of the video and that seems to have angered Soondrum and the latter sent to mail insisting there would be attacks this Friday.

The Commissioner of Police of Mauritius, Mario Nobin held a press conference and said that all was under control.

“We are here to protect the nation and we are not reacting to the mail but protecting the island from any threat is being done in a consistent manner, not just for today. We have been monitoring everything since the attacks in Paris in November last. The Mauritian population should not panic,” said Nobin.

Interpol has been contacted on that issue and an enquiry has started in Mauritius to know more about the email and its sender.

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