Mauritania set to criminalize insulting one’s wife with possible 2 year jail term

The government of Mauritania has given consent to a Gender Violence bill that entails punishing husbands who insults their wives with two year imprisonment and also hand a death penalty to married men guilty of rape, according to a report by Morocco World News.

The bill that has since been passed by Mauritania’s House of Senates has stagnated at the General Assembly after the Committee for Islamic Affairs objected to items contradicting the Sharia Law.

“Whoever insults his wife using degrading words that can affect the dignity or honor.” will face 10 days to two years in prison according to the Bill. Unmarried rapists will be punished with hard labor, prison and lashes but married rapists will face death.

The Bill further states that People found guilty of sexual harassment will face up to 12 months in prison and a fine of up tp 560 dollar or jail rime of upto 3years.

Organization of Mauritanian Scholars released a communiqué on Thursday 5 condemning the drafted law and calling on the Mauritanian president to intervene.

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