Lightning strike kills ten in Mozambique

At least ten people have been killed after being struck by lightning in Mozambique’s central and northern regions following torrential rains, accompanied by thunderstorms, and strong winds, relief authorities say. 

Most of the deaths occurred over the past weekend, particularly in the provinces of Sofala, Zambezia, Manica, Tete and Niassa. 

More than 500 families have been left homeless, following the partial or total destruction of their houses, most of which were built with flimsy material. 

Augusta Maita, the General Director of Mozambique’s National Disasters Management Institute, urged people to observe preventative measures being given: 

When there’s atmospheric lightning, people should not remain under trees, those in swimming pools or rivers should abandon their contact with water.

If there’s lightning or severe thunderstorms and people are at home, one of the key measures to take is to switch off the electric board. This will help us reduce the loss of human lives due to lightning or electric discharge.”

Acacio Tembe, a weather expert from Mozambique’s National Weather Institute (Iname, said the extreme weather has abated but it is expected to hit the central region from Thursday.

The rainy season in Mozambique began in October and will last until the end of March. 

The worst effects of torrential rains in the country were the flooding in 2000, which left 700 people dead and over one million others displaced.Article share tools

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