Liberia’s ex-president Sirleaf’s son held for printing $16m

Liberia's ex-president Sirleaf's son held for printing $16m

Authorities in Liberia have re-arrested the son of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, over with the unlawful printing of local currency worth millions of dollars.

Last year $15.5bn Liberian dollars ($104m;£82m) of freshly minted currency disappeared from Liberia’s ports.

Charles Sirleaf, who was a deputy governor of Liberia’s Central Bank, was arrested over this and due to face trial for economic sabotage, criminal conspiracy and theft.

He was arrested on Tuesday after state prosecutors added a further charge of money laundering to the accusations.

Specifically, he is accused of being involved in asking the printing company who printed the $104m to print a further $16m.

He has denied all wrongdoing.

The solicitor-general, Sayma Syrenius Cephus, told me that Mr Sirleaf was released shortly after his arrest for health reasons.

“We wanted him to be alive when we prosecute him,” he said.

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