Kenyan father who tried to smuggle baby out of hospital gets suspended sentence

A man arrested for trying to smuggle his baby out of a hospital in Kenya because he could not afford to pay the $500 (£387) bill has escaped a jail sentence. 

Boniface Murage, 22, instead received a suspended three-month sentence, meaning he can be at home with the child.

It was a story that touched and enraged many Kenyans. Mr Murage attempted to smuggle his one-month-old baby out of the Kenyatta National Hospital without paying but was caught by security guards.

Offers of help poured in later – a lawyer offered pro-bono services, and well-wishers paid Mr Murage’s bill. Others offered him money.

Police Officer Sacrificed His Salary

According to a report by Pulse Live Kenya, a police officer, Mr Tamo Sanalet sacrificed his salary to help Boniface Murage to settle his hospital bill.

Officer Tamo Sanaiet, who works for the Administration Police said that he was touched by Murage’s plight and decide to help him.

He handed Murage Ksh56,000 about $550 and advised him to comply with the law as told by the court after his release. 

Murage was arrested for trying to leave Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) with a baby over a Ksh56,000 hospital bill but he has since been released.

In court, he pleaded guilty and was at risk of a jail sentence. But Magistrate Muthoni Nzibe released him, on condition that he doesn’t commit any wrong within three months.

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