Kanye West hands out sneakers to kids in Uganda

Children can be heard chanting “Kanye” and “Welcome Kanye West” as the US rapper is seen handing out pairs of his branded sneakers in his latest Twitter update on his trip to Uganda. 


Ye – who was previously known as Kanye West – has been live broadcasting footage of the event, but it is not clear exactly where it’s taking place:

Ye and his wife Kim Kardashian arrived in Uganda last Friday to record parts of his new album which is due out next month.

On Monday, President Yoweri Museveni met the couple at State House and gave them Ugandan names.

Ye was given the name Kanyesigye, which means “Ï trust” and Kardashian was given the name Kemigisha, which means “the one with blessings from God”.

The president also received his own pair of sneakers from the rapper.

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