Inter-ethnic clashes claims 20 in Diffa, Niger

At least 20 people have died in inter-ethnic clashes in Niger’s southeast region of Diffa, civil society groups said over the weekend.

According to Moussa Tchangari, head of the local civil society groups, “about 20 deaths have been reported in the last one month and the government does not seem to be taking the situation seriously.”

Reconciliation forums are currently being held to reunite the two feuding communities in the area.

The fight against Nigerian terrorist group, Boko Haram, has destabilized social order and led to creation of militia groups in Diffa region.

As a consequence, inter-ethnic clashes have been reported for the last one month between the key militias of the Peuls tribe and those of the Boudouma community that occupies a large section of Lake Chad section in Niger.

“The formation of militias will force communities perceived to be working closely with Boko Haram to be recruited by the terrorist group,” the civil society official warned.

The militias should be dissolved, the government should play its role by ensuring security for all citizens is guaranteed to avert chaos in the region, he continued.

Diffa which has witnessed numerous Boko Haram attacks since 2015, currently has 240,000 displaced persons and refugees.

About 12 NGOs have urged the international community to increase “its financial aid” to avert a humanitarian crisis currently being witnessed in the region.

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