How to prepare for elective office in Nigeria

Navigating the unfriendly political process can be very daunting for a new entrant. Many well meaning individuals who would have contributed positively to the development of their communities have had their dreams cut short due to avoidable mistakes.

Here is a peek into some of these avoidable pitfalls:

1. Pay your Tax and have your Yearly Tax Clearance Certificate. Short corner is to Pay 115,000 Naira to Revenue Office if you don’t pay tax or Unemployed to be cleared.

2. Register in the Ward that you want to become Active Politician and be Voted For.
Do NOT Register in a ward that you won’t be Allowed to contest. E.g Do not Register in Ikeja ward then Expect to contest for Election in Nsukka. Capital NO! You must COME to Nsukka LGA and find your Village ward.
This is the reason I always Advice people to go to their village and Register.

3. During INEC Display of registered Voters after CVR, Make SURE your Name is there.

4. Collect your PVC and Keep in your Secret Safe Box. DO NOT move around with it because INEC will NEVER Replace it. Though you will fill Incident Form if your card gets missing but forget getting a New One.
So I Advice you make Coloured Photocopy of your PVC and Laminate it then go around with the photocopied one.

5. Register with a good Political Party but DO NOT Jump from one party to another. If your party is doing anything wrong, go to their HQ and meet Party Chairman.

6. If you do not have money for Nomination Form, Look for a Sponsor that believes in you.

To be Continued…….

Lydia Okolie
Ada Wawa!

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