Ghana separatist seeking Western Togoland released on bail

Ten members of a separatist group in Ghana who planned to declare part of the country “Western Togoland” today have been freed on bail while seven others were remanded in police custody.

The group, who call themselves Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF), have been campaigning for a breakaway state for over a decade. 

A total of 81 of its members were arrested, most have, however, been freed.

The 10 freed on bail had appeared in court on Wednesday on charges of organising a public event without notice to the police.

The territory that the group are claiming – comprised of the Volta region and parts of northern Ghana – did not fall within the previous Gold Coast borders which now defines most of modern-day Ghana. It was then known as the Trans Volta Togoland territory. 

But in 1956, the people of that territory voted to unite with the newly independent Ghana. 

HSGF claims that the “Western Togoland” territory was not incorporated in the law establishing the then Gold Coast by Queen Elizabeth II.

In 2017, a court in Ghana ruled that the group should seek clarification from the United Nations on their demands. 

They say the government of Ghana has neglected their region and they want an independent country.Article share tools

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