Four killed, 183 houses in massive flood in Sudan’s Darfur

Four people died and six others injured at an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in Sudan’s Darfur State due to heavy rain, Sudan Tribune reported Friday.

“The heavy rainfall during the past three days has left great loss in lives and properties, which created difficult humanitarian conditions at the IDP camps,” Adam Abdalla, deputy chairman of the IDPs, was quoted as saying.

He added that about 183 houses in the camp have also been destroyed.

Abdalla urged humanitarian organizations to urgently provide shelter materials such as tents and tarpaulins for the IDPs, stressing that any delay would lead to disastrous health consequences.

Sudan’s Interior Minister Ismat Abdel Rahman on Wednesday announced that 76 people died and around 1,300 houses collapsed due to the recent heavy floods and rains in Sudan.

The Sudanese National Council for Civil Defence had forecast heavy rainfall during the coming days throughout Sudan.

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