Five bodies found at home of man accused of Facebook murders

Five bodies found at home of man accused of Facebook murders

Police in South Africa have found the bodies of five women buried in the backyard of a house in Mpumalanga, after a man confessed to sleeping with them and killing them.

Police spokesperson Colonel Mtsholi Bhembe said the first body was exhumed at the house in the Masoyi area about three weeks ago.

The woman was reported missing in May.

“The man said he met the lady through Facebook. Then they chatted and got together at his place. He is alleging that soon after they had sex the woman demanded money and left.

“She apparently came back the following day, more determined to demand money. They had an argument and, according to him, the woman slapped him and he punched her and she fell and hit the her head.

Bhembe said the man claimed he only realised after some time that the woman had died

The 25-year-old then removed her clothes and buried her in the yard next to the toilet.

The second body was exhumed on Friday, while three more were exhumed on Sunday.

Two of the bodies were buried inside the house. Bhembe said they were found next to each other. One of the bodies was tied up with wire.

“Most of them, he mentions that they had sex and then they argued about money. He claims that some of them threatened they would open a rape case against him and then he lost it.

“According to his confession, four of the women were killed and buried last year. It was just human remains and bones left,” Bhembe said.

The man, who is in police custody, is expected to appear in court on Tuesday.

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