Felix Tshisekedi’s Inauguration as Congo DR president postponed

The inauguration of Felix Tshisekedi as president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo planned for Tuesday has been postponed, may now happen on Thursday.

Government spokesman Lambert Mende did not give reasons for the delay, but said the inauguration will likely take place on Thursday.

Congo is on the brink of its first peaceful, democratic transfer of power since independence in 1960.

France’s Foreign Ministry on Monday said it took note of the victory of Tshisekedi, as proclaimed Jan. 19 by the court, and said it would be represented by its ambassador at the inauguration.

“This election permitted Congolese people to express with force and calm their desire for alteration. We hope that the new president will respond to it and call on him to continue the dialogue with all the actors in the country to achieve this,” the statement said.

Also Monday, RFI, CCTV and the television station for opposition leader Jean-Pierre Bemba came back on the air after being cut two days after December elections. Internet, also cut before the election, had slowly returned in recent days.

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