Ethiopian youths slam government over generals’ deaths

Tigray youths denounce government over generals' deaths

Groups of angry young people in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray state were seen chanting anti-government slogans as the bodies of the two generals killed in Saturday’s violence were returned home for Wednesday’s burial.

Army chief Gen Seare Mekonnen and Brig-Gen Gezai Abera were shot dead as part of what the government has called a coup attempt in Amhara state.

Tens of thousands of mourners lined the route from the airport in Tigray’s state capital, Mekelle, to the city centre. People were seen holding impromptu candlelit vigils in Martyrs’ Square.

As the crowds were dispersing groups of young people were chanting angrily and putting the blame for the generals’ deaths on Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

They also shouted; “Seare is not dead.”

Multiple posts on social media do not believe the attempted coup story, rather they point to a sinister move by the government to silence oppositions.

The Tigray state government has declared three days of mourning and condolence books have been opened for people to share their thoughts.

The funeral service is expected to start at 15:00 local time (12:00 GMT)

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