Ethiopian Airline plane makes emergency landing in Senegal

Ethiopian Airline

An Ethiopian Airlines plane was forced to make an emergency landing minutes after taking off in Senegal on Tuesday because an engine caught fire minutes after take off, an airport spokesman told Reuters.

The Airlines which was on routine flight to link the Senegalese capital Dakar to the Malian capital, Bamako. Caught fire a few minutes after taking off from Blaise Diagne International Airport near Dakar, the plane, a Boeing 767-300, had to make an emergency landing due to the problem.

One of the passengers who spoke to the Dakaractu website explains that “as soon as the aircraft took off, there was a loud noise and the air conditioning started releasing smoke inside the cabin. Immediately, the plane ran out of power to climb. The pilot tried unsuccessfully to contact the control tower before maneuvering to turn around. “Everything happened between 8:20 and 8:30 minutes,” says the interlocutor.

The airline confirmed on Twitter that its plane had to land unexpectedly at Senegal’s Blaise Diagne International Airport near the capital Dakar because of “a technical problem” without providing more detail on the cause.

It said that all passengers were being rebooked on other flights.

According to images broadcast by the specialized site Newsaero, it seems that the engine of the aircraft caught fire just after takeoff. Some of the passengers described the plane as “an old plane whose door was difficult to close.”

Seven months ago, Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 nose-dived into farmland outside the capital Addis Ababa, killing 157 people.

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