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Ethiopia new PM vows to restore nation’s glory

Ethiopia new Prime Minister Dr. Abiye Ahmed has vowed to bring economic, social and political transformations by restoring the country’s past glory and spurring regional integration. He also remarked his selection process to assume the premiership has showcased a peaceful transition of power in Ethiopia, which could serve as a benchmark for the continent.

Having sworn in as a Prime Minister yesterday, the Premier reiterated that his government would do every thing in its capacity to bring tangible changes on education, economy, democratic and human rights, youth and women beneficiary among others.

In relation to the foreign policy, he vehemently stated that the deadlock between Ethiopia and Eritrean need to be broken taking into accounts the historic and the blood ties of both countries’ people and the ever changing as well as volatile political situations in the Horn of Africa.

He also noted Ethiopia as the origin of Pan-Africanism, the headquarters of African Union and several international organizations, will continue to play its irreplaceable role in upholding peace and stability as well as realizing sustainable development in the East Africa particular and the continent in general.

In his speech, the premier also expressed his readiness to work with all political parties living inside and outside of the country. Moreover ,he urged the members of Ethiopian Diaspora community to extend unreserved support to the ongoing political change and development in the homeland.

Regarding to strengthening the education policy of the country, Dr. Abiy indicated the government would work on improving quality of education from elementary to tertiary levels after evaluating the sector’s accomplishment in the Second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP II).

He also pledged to narrow down the existing wide gap between import and export trade in the country. “The government will play its due role in stabilizing the current high cost of living triggered by the political instability, devaluation of Birr and the like.”

New prime minister Dr. Abiy and Ex-Prime minister Hailemariam in the office of Prime Minister.

Likewise, the new prime minister promised to improve the beneficiary of youth and women. “The government will exert relentless efforts in bringing meaningful changes in the lives of youth through ensuring fairness and mutual benefits to this end. The youth also need to toil in turning the efforts to reality.”

Similarly, the government would put in to action efforts that expedite the process on meeting women’s interests in all spheres, he noted.

Aimed at widening the political landscape, the premier said: “As an important part of democratic building endeavor, from now and on we should perceive the political parties not as opposition, but as competitors.”

On the occasion, he called on all Ethiopians to repeat the success story in building Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) in other development spheres working in unison than never before.

He also pledged to actively participate all fellow citizens in the political and economic affairs of the country in a democratic manner.

“Citizens’ right of movement and accumulating wealth need to be respected. I also call on the people to be active and vibrant participant in the realisation of the GTP II .”

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