Congo Brazzavile wants case against coup plotters sped up

Congo ex-presidential candidate General Marie Michel Mokoko with supporters

Republic of Congo’s Justice Minister Pierre Mabiala on Thursday asked the public prosecutor to speed up the cases against General Marie Michel Mokoko, ex-presidential candidate in the March 20 elections, and ex-rebel leader Pastor Ntumi.

“The judicial proceedings against Mokoko which had already began, should be reactivated. It should be speeded up because a case of capital offense should not be kept in the judiciary’s shelves for long,” Mabiala said when he addressed the press in Brazzaville.

General Mokoko was charged after appearing in a video in 2007, in which he was discussing a plan to overthrow President Denis Sassou N’Guesso from power.

The justice minister also asked the prosecutor to open a judicial process against Pastor Ntumi, the former leader of Ninja Siloulou militia.

The militia were accused of orchestrating armed violence on April 4, 2016 in the southern suburbs of Brazzaville, killing 17 people among them three police officers.

“If Pastor Ntumi does not appear in court, he will be charged in absentia,” Mabiala concluded.

In the month of May, Prosecutor Andre Oko Ngakala issued three arrest warrants against Ntumi and two of his confidants.



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