Child allegedly beaten to death by father in Ondo, Nigeria.

Child allegedly beaten to death by his father in Ondo, Nigeria

A yet to be identified man has allegedly flogged his daughter to death in Akure, Ondo State, reports say the child, less than 10 years old died before she was brought to the hospital.

Twitter user @YemieFASH shared the shocking story online and said that a woman took the girl’s corpse to the state hospital in Akure, but fled with it immediately the girl was certified dead.

Both the father of the girl and the woman who brought the child to the hospital are yet to be identified.

Social media users have been at cross with the hospital personnel for letting the woman that brought the child to escape, ne of the commentators @Wiltalker argued that the woman must be responsible for the crime, which was the reason why she fled with the child, when she learnt that the child is dead.

Another Twitter user @segalink tweeted that will be offering N100k (276 USD) to anyone with leads and info on the parents of the Child. The cash will be made available upon the successful arrest of the parents. We will even do more to encourage your active citizen drive. We all must take this up.  

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