Cameroon’s Ambazonia leader, 9 followers bag life sentences

Ambazonia leader, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe

Leader of Cameroon’s separatist movement, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, and nine of his followers have been given life sentences by a military court in the capital, Yaoundé.

The 10 had been arrested in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, in January 2018 and were sent to Cameroon to face trial.

They have been convicted of various charges, including rebellion.

Tabe and his followers have been campaigning for the creation of an independent state called Ambazonia, made up of Cameroon’s English-speaking North-West and South-West regions.

Cameroon’s English-speaking minority say they have been marginalised for decades by the central government and the French-speaking majority.

The Anglophone crisis started in 2016 when lawyers and teachers went on strike over attempts to impose French in schools and courts in the North-West and South-West.

Some took up arms in 2017 and the crisis has forced more than 500,000 people from their homes.

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