Burkina revokes arrest warrant against head of Cote d’Ivoire parliament Guillaume Soro

The international arrest warrant against the president of Cote d’Ivoire’s Parliament Guillaume Soro over ongoing investigations in last year’s failed coup, and which was cancelled recently on “technical grounds,” will not be renewed, an official source has said.

“Regarding Soro, due to the legal constraints, the prosecutor has decided to cancel the arrest warrant,” the new government commissioner Alioune Zanre told the media in Ouagadougou on Monday.

Zanre said the international arrest warrant had been cancelled due to legal obstacles that make it difficult to execute it.

He said despite cancelling the arrest warrant, Burkina Faso will “report” the crimes committed by Soro to Cote d’Ivoire authorities so that they can deal with him.

Early this year, Burkina Faso’s military judicial authorities, on the basis of “telephone conversations,” issued an arrest warrant against Soro over his suspected involvement in last year’s attempted coup to overthrow Burkina Faso’s transition government.

The arrest warrant against Soro threatened to sour diplomatic relations between the two states which have always enjoyed friendly ties.


– Xinhua

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