Burkina Faso government says foiled yet anther coup attempt

Authorities have thwarted another coup plot in Burkina Faso blamed on forces loyal to the former longtime President Blaise Compaore, the country’s security minister said Friday.

The 1,300-member presidential guard was officially disbanded last year after members were accused of trying to overthrow the country’s transitional government put into place after Compaore left power in a popular uprising.

Security Minister Simon Compaore, who is not related to the ex-leader, said at least 10 people have been arrested, though the top suspect remains on the run.

The latest coup attempt had been planned for Oct. 9, but Compaore said it was foiled when two former guards were killed trying to enter the capital of this West African country.

He said the planned targets had included the presidential palace, the paramilitary headquarters in Ouagadougou and the Ouagadougou military prison where the man accused of planning last year’s coup is jailed.

Political turmoil mounted in Burkina Faso after the October 2014 departure of Blaise Compaore, who served as president for nearly three decades.

In September 2015, former members of Compaore’s presidential guard briefly seized power from the transitional government before stepping aside and allowing democratic elections to go forward. The guard members said they were unhappy that Compaore’s supporters couldn’t run in the elections.

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