32 Islamic State affiliates detained in Algeria

Algerian security forces arrested 32 members of a terrorist group affiliated to Daesh, also known as Islamic State (IS) group, in the province of Boumerdes, local media reported, citing a security source.

According to the state-run Algerian newspaper El Khabar, detectives dismantled this group last week, saying it was composed of 28 men and four women. The source specified that it is the second terrorist group being dismantled within the past few weeks.

Detectives managed to get accurate information that the leader of the IS-affiliated group in Algeria is called Mohamed Merimi, alias Abu Miram al-Jazairi, and his wife was assigned the task of recruiting new members.

During the interrogation, the wife of Abu Miram affirmed that there are 32 people in the group.

The 32 members were trying to travel to fight in Syria with local Jihadist groups, the source said, adding that they were put under custody in a prison in Algiers pending trial.



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