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Monthly Archives: February, 2021

Stranded migrants evade Libyan coast guard to reach Europe

The February storm is unforgiving, violently shaking the humanitarian rescuers’ vessel as they try to revive a faulty engine and save African migrants drifting...

Amnesty int’l say over 14 killed at religious site in CAR

Amnesty int'l report that came out Thursday says at least 14 people have been killed at a religious site in the Central African Republic...

Ethiopian opposition leaders’ health deteriorating in jail

Incarcerated Ethiopian opposition leaders lives are now in danger following nearly a month long hunger strike which and drawn international attention as they protest...

Islamists kill 36 in attacks on two northern Nigerian states

The Islamists in northern Nigeria have killed 36 people in two attacks on Wednesday, a day after the insurgents fired rocket-propelled grenades amid worsening...

US considers options against Ugandan forces over abuses

The US State Department says it's considering a range of targeted options against members of the Ugandan security forces it holds responsible for abuses...

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