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Monthly Archives: May, 2018

Court orders Gabon PM to resign, parliament dissolved

Gabon’s Constitutional Court on Monday ordered the prime minister to resign and the lower house of parliament dissolved after legislative elections scheduled for the weekend were delayed. The court ruled that Prime Minister Emmanuel Issoze-Ngondet and the National Assembly were...
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Eight found dead in Liberia flat after a night party

A young lady celebrating her graduation from the university and seven others were found dead in an apartment in...

Uganda to US: Fix your own elections before lecturing us

Uganda government spokesman Ofwono Opondo, has urged the US should to "fix its own elections" rather than give "lectures"...

Stranded migrants evade Libyan coast guard to reach Europe

The February storm is unforgiving, violently shaking the humanitarian rescuers’ vessel as they try to revive a faulty engine...
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